Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Petiole Asset Management AG. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please reach out to us.


Petiole is a boutique asset manager that provides qualified investors access to exclusive and diversified private market investment opportunities. Our clients benefit from tailored alternative solutions, a rigorous investment process and a dedicated team specialized in private market investments.

Petiole has built partnerships with some of the most prestigious asset managers in the world including KKR, BlackRock, Carlyle Group, Goldman Sachs and more to provide our clients access to exclusive private market opportunities . These opportunities undergo a thorough vetting process to ensure viability and risk adjusted returns. Additionally, as a boutique asset manager, we provide our clients with professional support and advisory to ensure their success on their investment journey.

Petiole offers mainly access to alternative private market investments including asset classes such as private equity, private credit, real estate and more. Our programs include capital yielding, capital growth, cash management, and global credit.

In additional to catering to individual investors with affordable ticket sizes, Petiole also offers investment opportunities for professional investors in partnership with world-class asset managers. Our institutional investor clients will have the opportunity to take part in exclusive and international investment ventures.

Petiole’s specialized investment team scouts private markets worldwide, looking for promising opportunities in alternative assets, then subjects these opportunities to thorough scrutiny and vetting to choose one the most viable and promising ones. By having top-tier asset managers as our partners, the opportunities we put at the disposal of our professional clients, whether individual or institutional, ensure the preservation and growth of their capital.

Petiole follows a convenient and digital approach to onboarding clients. Using our innovative digital investment platform, you can easily complete your investor profile, assess your risk appetite, explore our exclusive opportunities in private market, then onboard hassle-free and start investing. We provide you the best combination between digital and human, thus our team of expert financial advisors is ready to offer personalized and tailored support.


Along with The Family Office , our wealth management affiliate, we are regulated in 7 jurisdictions including Switzerland (FINMA).

Petiole strives to “democratize” exclusive private market investments by ensuring that our clients can invest with lower ticket sizes starting CHF150,000. Institutional investors can refer to our Institutional Clients page.

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