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Why Petiole

Reap the benefits of diversifying in private markets

As a boutique asset manager, we capitalize on our expertise and international partners to build you a robust diversified portfolio, in exclusive private market opportunities, capable of outperforming public markets.

Our Investment Solutions

We provide professional clients four investment programs, curated to ensure optimal diversification and returns based on the investors’ appetite for growth, liquidity and risk profile.

Investors have the possibility to choose between 5, 10 or 20 upcoming investment deals to be part of their program, depending on how diversified they want their investment strategy to be.

We provide investors the opportunity to invest in top-tier private equity sponsors across sectors and industries and unlock the same benefits once reserved for institutional clients, starting from $50,000.

With our thematic opportunities, investors have the possibility to align investments with their interests and goals to capitalize on favorable market trends.

Capital Growth Program

This growth-oriented solution, targeting a minimum capital appreciation of 12% to 15% annually, is a direct investment suitable for investors who have long term horizon, wish to grow their capital and diversify their portfolios in private markets.

Private Equity
Preferred Equity
Real Estate Development

Capital Yielding Program

This income solution, targeting a minimum net cash distribution of 8% to 10% annually paid quarterly, is a direct investment suitable for investors who would like to participate in the private markets asset class and want regular distributions.

Preferred Equity
Real Estate Equity
Real Estate Debt

Global Credit Program

This credit solution is a direct investment with low to moderate risk, suitable for investors who sometimes need liquidity and regular distributions. Target returns are 7%.

Treasury Funds
High Yield Bond Funds

Liquid Cash Management Program

This low-risk cash management solution is a direct investment targeting an incremental net return above cash. It is suitable for investors who want ease of execution by prefunding their private markets portfolios.

Treasury Funds
Investment Grade Bond Funds

Exposure to Thematic Opportunities

Choose from a range of thematic opportunities aligned with your interests and goals to capitalize on favorable market trends.

Access to Top-tier Asset Managers

We have built long-standing partnerships with top-tier asset managers and followed a rigorous institutional selection process.

Increased Diversification

Diversify your private markets portfolio with both private equity investments and co-investment opportunities.


Fully transparent structure through our digital platform.

How our investment process works

We follow a structured investment process which allows investors to access top-tier opportunities sourced in partnership with world-class managers.


Capital Calls

Committed capital will be invested in our Liquid Cash Management Program to target an incremental net return above cash, until opportunities become available.


Allocation and Investment Period

Once opportunities are available, your capital will be invested in 5, 10 or 20 deals in the program of your choice over a period of 12 to 24 months


Lock-in Period

To reap optimal returns on the investments, the locked-in period ranges between 36 and 72 months.


Distribution or Reinvestment

Returns are cashed out to clients or can be reinvested to reap the benefits of compounding

Our Global Network of Top-Tier Partners



Goldman Sachs

The Carlyle Group

Meet our experts

Our investment professionals in Zurich, Hong Kong, and New York have the capability to advise you on your financial goals and provide access to top-tier opportunities.

Pierre Andre Genillard

Pierre Andre Genillard

Non-Executive President - Petiole Asset Management AG

Pierre served as a Member of the Board of Directors of Cumber International Ltd, a member of Cumberland Associates, one of the oldest U.S. hedge fund organizations

Holger Demuth

Holger Demuth

Non-Executive Vice President - Petiole Asset Management AG

Holger is an independent advisor to international financial services firms, investment companies and private capital.

Abdulmohsin Al Omran

Abdulmohsin Al Omran

Non-Executive Member - Petiole Asset Management AG

Abdulmohsin is the founder, Non-executive member, and a voting member of the investment committee of Petiole Asset Management AG.

Massimo Calderan

Massimo Calderan

Non-Executive Member - Petiole Asset Management AG

Massimo has been a board member in private and public companies from different business sectors, both in Switzerland and abroad for more than two decades.

John Webley

John Webley

Non-Executive Member - Petiole Asset Management AG

John retired from Morgan Stanley where he was a Managing Director, administrative head of all the Morgan Stanley entities in the European region

Robert Castrignano

Robert Castrignano

Non-Executive Member - Petiole Asset Management AG

Robert is a Managing Director in the Equities Division at Piper Sandler and previously spent 20 years at Goldman Sachs.

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