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Your private
market boutique

As a Swiss-based boutique asset manager with a global reach, we accompany you throughout your investment journey to ensure you reach your goals.

Who we are

Our seasoned investment experts share with you their unbiased assessment and carefully build the right portfolio for you.

Naji Nehme, CFA

Naji Nehme, CFA

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer

Naji has more than two decades of experience in investment and wealth management. Prior to joining Petiole in 2019, Naji was head of investments for The Family Office Co.

David Edman

David Edman

Chief Operating Officer

David has over three decades of experience in Wealth Management. Prior to joining Petiole, he was Head of Client Service at The Family Office Co.

How can Petiole help you as an investor?

Our newly launched platform helps investors access top-tier private market opportunities at lower entry points, through a seamless end-to-end digital journey with an inherent human touch.

Our track record

As a boutique asset manager, we capitalize on our expertise and international partners to build you a robust diversified portfolio.

Years track record
of experience
managing alternative investment portfolios as part of The Family Office
Billion alternative
assets under management
Investment Hubs
Our international footprint includes Zurich, New York and Hong Kong
Principle for responsible

Investment signatory Our commitment to responsible investing
Regulatory licenses
Switzerland (FINMA), USA (SEC)
Hong Kong (SFC), The Cayman Islands (CIMA)

Our Investment Philosophy

We understand private markets and their potential. We harness our know-how and network to advise you on your investment journey and build bespoke diversified portfolios in private markets.

We identify long-term investment trends and market dislocations, then search for the best sponsors and partners to execute our strategy.

We follow a disciplined and diligent approach to investing. We construct long-term portfolios, diversified by vintage, asset class, sponsor, geography, and industry.

Through our network of international partners, our clients can invest in the most exclusive private market opportunities with lower ticket sizes.

As a boutique asset manager, we foster long-term and trust-based relationship with our clients. Our experts accompany you on your investment journey and offer personalized assistance.

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