<span class='font-normal'>Direct Investments in Private Markets</span> Are now Within Your Reach Starting $50,000

Direct Investments in Private Markets Are now Within Your Reach Starting $50,000

Invest in top-tier private equity sponsors across sectors and industries and unlock the same benefits once reserved for institutional clients, starting from $50,000.

Why direct investments in private markets with Petiole?

As a boutique asset manager, we select a handful of private equity sponsors through deep due diligence.

Exposure to Thematic Opportunities

Choose from a range of thematic opportunities aligned with your interests and goals to capitalize on favorable market trends.

Access to Top-tier Asset Managers

We have built long-standing partnerships with top-tier asset managers and followed a rigorous institutional selection process.

Increased Diversification

Diversify your private markets portfolio with both private equity investments and co-investment opportunities.


Fully transparent structure through our digital platform.

Explore our latest direct investments in private markets at the touch of a button on our digital platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our direct investments in private markets provide investors with access to a curated selection of professionally managed, top-tier direct investments in private markets allowing them to invest with global leading managers otherwise accessible to institutional clients. Such investments further allow investors to diversify their portfolios into niche and specialized sectors while achieving long-term financial objectives.

Our digital investment platform currently provides access to direct investments in private equity led by prominent technology investors, focusing on niche technology sectors with investment sizes exceeding $20 billion.

Investors can access direct investments in private markets through both traditional channels and the company’s digital investment platform. Petiole's investment platform is robust and user-friendly, enabling investors to effortlessly construct their personalized portfolios.

Professional or institutional clients can invest in direct investments in private markets.

The Petiole team selects investments for the company’s digital investment platform through rigorous due diligence, considering factors such as investment strategy, historical performance, management competence, and more. We exclusively collaborate with renowned, top-tier managers who hold substantial industry expertise and a track record of successful investments.

The minimum commitment amount per direct investment in private markets is $50,000.

Commitments are collected through thematic investments then are aggregated into the selected private market fund. Capital calls, distributions and fees will be paid through the investment vehicle.

Capital calls are determined by the underlying managers and communicated to clients via capital call notices. Petiole calls around 30 to 40% of the commitment immediately while the remaining amount is drawn over the investment period which is usually four to six years. Portfolio companies within each direct investment in private markets usually has a holding period of five to seven years after which the manager begins distributing back to investors.

Direct investments in private markets provide clients with multiple benefits, including exposure to top-tier sponsors focused on long-term wealth creation through investing in quality assets. Clients can diversify portfolios by accessing niche sectors that exploit unique market trends. These opportunities are now accessible to investors of all sizes with lower entry requirements and a transparent, cost-effective fee structure, getting the same accessibility as large institutions.

Direct investments in private markets are subject to counterparty risk, market risk, liquidity risk, and risk related to performance and volatility of the underlying target investments. Investors should carefully read and assess the risks outlined in the documentation and disclosures.

Direct investments in private markets are valued based on the Net Asset Value (NAV), which is reported on a quarterly basis.

Redemption restrictions or limitations on investments, such as lock-up periods or redemption fees, may apply to direct investments in private markets. These details will be specified in the subscription documentation.

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